Tammy vs Erica


Recently TammyRivera posted a video about not being able to be friends with someone (Erica) that her  friend (Bambi) doesn’t like. Tammy said we can’t speak, hang out, take
pictures, etc. chalking it up to “the way her loyalty is set up.”

In response, EricaDixon posted a video saying “your beef is not their beef” and how Tammy needs to get her own brain. And to an extent, I can agree – what you eat doesn’t make me sh*t. It seems a bit childish to not be friends with someone just because someone else doesn’t like them over what’s probably a petty reason.

If I’m your friend and you don’t like my other friend – that’s between y’all, not me. I ain’t got nothing to do with that! It’s not like I sit around talking about the other person all day. I’m the type of the person that will trust you until you give me a reason not to do so.

However, I can also see where Tammy is coming from. It is “kinda” fake to be laughing and keke-ing with someone who your friend doesn’t like.

Where does your loyalty lie? Whose side are you on?
Let’s discuss in the comments. #LHHATL

2 thoughts on “Tammy vs Erica

  1. In all honesty I feel that if and only if Tammy and Erica were friends before the Bambi/Erica beef could they RESUME their friendship after it. I don’t think anyone should beef with someone based off of their friend but I don’t think they should be friends with someone who have strong feelings against the friend either. What are your intentions? Why do you want to be friends with me? What do we have in common and how do you know we have that in common? I wouldn’t risk my friendship to make friends with someone my friend doesn’t like call me childish. I’ll speak to you if you speak to me but we won’t be exchanging numbers or going party together. It’s not a locality thing it’s a mutual respect for your friendship.

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