Pray for Louisiana  

Even though I live in Dallas, my heart and home will ALWAYS be Baton Rouge. 

My city has had a long summer. Starting with the death of Alton Sterling on July 6th to the three officers who were cowardly murdered on July 17th to now the unprecedented flash floods spanning over Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. 

People I know, I grew up with, family friends are losing everything. Their cars, pictures, personal belongings. I’ve seen countless videos of people, only able to walk out with bags, being rescued by airboat. Their houses are underwater. This is eerily similar to August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina landed just 45 minutes away in New Orleans. 

The rain is steady falling and the water is at a standstill. There are snakes, alligators and God knows what else in the water. I feel so helpless! 

Here is a list of shelters: 

If you want to volunteer to help victims of the flooding, call the Red Cross at 855-489-2528 or sign up at

#PrayForBatonRouge #PrayForLouisiana 

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