Looks like Ciara and Russell Wilson can finally have sex!

IMG_7430.JPGThey got married July 6th at the Peckforton Castle in Liverpool, England. They both posted the same picture with the caption of “We are the Wilsons!” Congratulations to the happy couple!

That has to be hard as hell, that whole abstinence thing. I tried it one year as a New Year Resolution and I lasted 4 days. Dating Russell Wilson or any man and not having sex with him, I couldn’t deal. Nope, not me. My flesh is WEAK okay hunni!

Imagine waking up to a shirtless Russ on a beach or any morning and not be able to do the nasty. Now, that’s some self control! Because chileeeeeeeee….

Anyhoo, it was a great feeling to see this love blossom as their relationship and now marriage gives hope to black women everywhere. While we have grown to love to “1, 2 Step” to “Body Party” – let’s be clear.. If Ciara was not a Grammy award winning artist and just another woman in Atlanta, she’d be just another baby mama.

So many single mothers and women out there are cheated on publicly  (mainstream or in their hometown) or who just had an ain’t shit nigga just settle down with one because they don’t want to be alone. Ciara gives women everywhere hope!

Hell, if she can go from a man who didn’t value or love her and was comfortable enough to cheat on her and think that was okay to someone who loves her and her son unconditionally and she hasn’t even given up the “Goodies” yet….. Then we all can!

Because it seems like Big Future didn’t care about Ciara or seeing his son until pictures with Russ playing with Baby Future and both of them smiling and having a good time. I bet he realizes his mistakes now… And she got her a good God fearing man! When they posted their engagement, they both thanked God and said how good God is all the time. We all need a partner to pray with and for us!
Maybe the Seahawks will have a better season this year? Maybe Ciara will release another hot album? Let’s discuss this and how soon the pregnancy announcement will be in the comments. #WeAreTheWilsons

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