Are funny dudes winning?

IMG_7823How does Nick Cannon do it?! I mean first Christina Milian, then Mariah Carey and now Chili?! What is he doing to these women? He must have that 🍆🍆🍆!!! He just seems so corny to me! Don’t get me wrong, if we’re in a relationship or even a situationship – you HAVE to make me laugh.

But Nick just seems like EVERYTHING would be a joke to him. I guess that’s what happened with him and Mariah, the jokes fizzled out. I wonder how long until he and Chili come forward with their relationship or will they be “just friends” forever?

He was recently interviewed and when asked about Chili, he deferred to the “No Scrubs” singer. She’s amazing. She’s an outstanding person but you gotta ask her what’s going on.” Could this be code for, “We are together but we are trying to keep it quiet in case it doesn’t work out and I can easily move someone up from the bench?”

Are funny dudes winning? Tell me how you feel!

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